Roof Painting

Roof Painters Auckland

Citywide Decorators specialise in Roof Restoration. Actually we have a dedicated team that is a sister company to Citywide Decorators, Roof Painters Auckland We restore concrete tiled roofs, iron roofs, and decramastic tiles back to their former glory.


 Concrete Tiled Roof

Is your concrete tiled roof cracking? Is the pointing falling out and letting rain and moisture in? Then call Citywide Decorators. Our team can pressure wash, re-point and paint your roof and make it water tight. We will come to your place, inspect and give you a written report and quotation. Preparation is product knowledge is the key to getting the best final product when re-painting roofs. We have the experience and product knowledge to help.

Pressure washing starts off the process; this sanitises the roof and gives an excellent base for repair and paint. We use a flexible mortar that flex’s with your roof so that cracking doesn’t occur, our special product also water proofs the ridge and hip caps joins. Once re-pointing is done we start onto the concrete sealer, this is a penetrating sealer that helps give a good key for the topcoats. If you’re roof has lost it’s protective glaze then we can re-instate the coating using our high build base coat. Then after that we do two more high build top coats in your choice of low sheen, semi gloss, or gloss.


 Iron Roof

Coloursteel or painted galvanised iron, bare iron, long run tray, decramastic tiles we do it all. All or these once the protective coatings have weathered off can rust away. Corrosion may occur when atmospheric conditions, no cleaning, chimney/flue deposits, steel debris left on the roof, run-off or contact with incompatible products or acidic timber comes about.

If this has already happened, or before it starts let Citywide Decorators save you some of your hard earned money! We will inspect and give you a detailed report and quote that will be affordable and competitive.

Coloursteel roofs have been a real problem for home owners, repairing these makes up the majority of roofs we do. In times past Coloursteel have had issues with coating failure.

Paint flaking, delamination, paint colour fade to name a few. Citywide Decorators can rectify these problems and give you years of trouble free life to your roof. We make sure to use a premium galvanised iron primer first so that any bare galvanised iron will adhere properly to the top coats. Once this is done we then apply topcoats, these consist of Resene Premium range cool colour technology which prevents premature fading and degradation of the paint film.

Roof Colour Range

Download our roof colour  chart here.

Roof Painting

Pressure Wash (Clean Moss, Mould and Lichen) tick
Treat Rust (Grind, Neutralise, Seal Rust)
Check Roof Structure, Replace Rusty Nail Heads
Prime any Bare Galvanized Iron
Apply 2 or 3 Coat System